I have been in my boot for three days. I think I looked like a baby taking her first steps when I started out! I am used to it and have been pushing myself to walk more. I am in a crunch to get my classroom ready. I get my even up on Monday. I am looking forward to that. I am wearing my New Balance shoes that are pretty “tall”, so I am almost even. With the even up, I am sure it will be perfect and my hip/back won’t hate me so much! I am wearing a thick sock with my boot and had to bandage my incision area because I have a small wound where one of my staples was. My heel hurts quite a bit as I am walking. I was not given anything in the way of lifts that I have seen so many bloggers have. Should I ask for this or will a heel cup work? I don’t go back to the doctor for two weeks. I am sure it is typical to have this pain, but I am not going to have the luxury of being off my feet after next week. I am going to use my scooter at school for the long trecks to the cafeteria and specials, but I really want to walk as much as possible to build up muscle and strength. I am not so patient with this!!

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  1. Hi Julie! You probably didn’t get any heel lifts for the same reason I didn’t - your achilles didn’t rupture and where it was cut it was surgically reattached. I think they put my foot at 0 degrees at the 2.5 week mark (during another cast change) and then I got the boot at 3 weeks and my foot was flat. I did, initially, use my gel heel pad when I went into shoes but never needed it when I was in the boot. But I also didn’t walk initially when I went into the boot. I was NWB in the boot for another 3 weeks (6 weeks total NWB) and when I started PWB I was only supposed to be on the foot 25% of the time initially and I bumped up my weight bearing time by 25% each week after. So do use your scooter if things are hurting. You need to work up to FWB slowly - letting your bones/muscles/healing tendon get used to it gradually. Your tendon is still healing where it was cut and reattached. Perhaps that wasn’t the direction from your doctor - but that’s how I was told to do it. I imagine your doctor would tell you that if it’s hurting - give it a rest.

  2. Hey Julie I took my first wedge out yesterday and my heel has been killing me even this morning I woke up with shooting pains on the incision area. Did this happen to you?

  3. I did have lots of pain until a few days ago. I had to take pain pills for a few days, but I was on my feet a lot! I bought a gel heel cup and wore that in my boot until yeasterday. I also bought big banages to put on my heel where my scar is (I still have a bit of a wound, but it is getting better). I have been doing lots of ROM and strethches. My friend who is a physical therapist showed me some stretches and how to break up the scar tissue. I have also been soaking my foot in a very warm tub with epsom salts. I think the combination has made a huge difference. I hope your pain eases very soon.

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