Six Weeks Post Op

Six week apointment today. I got my cast off (eww…I think you can braid the leg hair!). I can’t wait to soak my foot and shave my leg! I got my boot, and it is very comfortable. My dr. Told me I won’t need PT. He just told me to do ROM and walking will strengthen my leg. I work with a PT, so I am still going to check with her to make sure I am getting what I need. I am looking forward to a nice sleep tonight with nothing banging on my other leg! What is the best way to get the dry, rough skin off? I am going to soak my foot and hopefully that will do it, but it is very bad. Hoping I won’t overdo things with my newfound freedom!

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  1. Soaking won’t be sufficient for that skin - LOL! It took me about 3 days of regularly soaking the foot and then scrubbing with a towel (over a trashcan :) ) to get the yuck off!

    I’m really amazed at any doctor that says you won’t need PT. I think it is a must - not only to motivate you to do the exercises you should, but also to keep you from doing things you shouldn’t. I would tell that doctor you insist on PT - but that’s just me :)

  2. I never thought soaking my foot and shaving my leg would feel so good!!!

  3. My gross skin story is that it seemed to come off in waves over a few weeks. The last phase was after 15-20 minutes in a swimming pool. When I got out my foot looked like a zombie foot and a bunch of skin came off on my towel. That was at 10 weeks or so! Really surprised it took that long. I don’t think I’ll be invited back to that pool. ;)

    I agree with cserpent - I’d give PT a shot if it’s not too costly. Even though I eventually abandoned my PT group, I did get some good advice in the beginning.

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