Doing too much on NWB

Putting this out there to those who are still NWB. I am four weeks out and have been feeling great. I have virtually no pain and get around geat with my scooter. Surgery was on my left foot, so I am able to drive with my cast. I have been going stir crazy sitting around. I am a teacher and start back to school in three weeks, so I decided to go work in my room to get it organized. Well, stupid me just keeps going and moving furniture, rugs, toys, etc. I foolishly have been putting some weight on my left foot (just to pivot or when I am going down the step to the garage). Now my achilles is aching and I am very swollen under my cast. I should have known better. I am sure I have not done any damage, but it has turned into a Percocet and leg way up in the air night. I don’t plan on doing anything tomorrow. So, my advice to anyone who is still NWB, don’t be stubborn like me!!

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  1. Good post Julie! Yes NWB means no weight bearing :) When I asked my doc to explain why NWB for so long, why in a boot for so long, … he told me exactly why from a physiological perspective so I followed his instructions to the letter. I went up/down my stairs on my butt until the doc said I could start PWB. Now keep that sucker elevated, ice behind the knee and let it recover!

  2. Hey this is my first post in the community. I did non operative route and at week 4 now. I’ve had a cast the whole time. I had a full tear as well. Just wanted to know what you guys may think about that.

  3. I am also a teacher

  4. Dafolabi-Idid not have a rupture. I had a bone spur removed and had my tendon de-bulked, so I had to go the surgical route. I tried alot of different things before I decided to go for the surgery. My bone spur kept getting bigger and my tendon kept getting thicker. I wasn’t even aware that you could go the non-surgical route for a rupture until I got on this site. I am always for less invasive. It looks like there is less risk of a re-rupture. How are you feelng?

  5. Dafolabi - go to Agnesatr blog. The most important thing about non-op is starting weight bearing about now for you. For this you need to be out of the cast and into a walking boot. Early weight bearing will reduce your risk of re-rupture and gets you back to normal things sooner. If that is not an option then you can still heal well but you may be behind others in time initially but after 12 months all are about the same. It is important to encourage the collagen type 1 to form and align. There is a great deal of information regarding clinical trials on this site. Normofthenorth blog will have more. Happy reading.

  6. julie1071 -

    Yeah my doctor told that I could possibly have a non operative after he saw the MRI results pretty much. I wanted to be less - invasive as well. However studies say that with surgery there are less chances of re - rupture. I am okay, its been 4 weeks since i had the cast. I have an appt in two weeks being that doc said wait six weeks in total. Hopefully my condition have improve throughout and I can go on to next steps.

    Stuart- I hope I can do PWB soon. If all goes well, I am told that I will wear a boot with “heel lift”. I hope the collagen forms as well. I heard about some supplements that help with collagen formation such as omega 3, turmeric, ginger and multivitamins in the process. Thanks!

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