I had my staples removed today and a new cast put on. The cast is too tight. It is not making me numb or Cutting off my circulation, but it is extremely uncomfortable. I think my foot is positioned wrong in there and by my ankle it is very tight. I feel like I am having a panic attack! I want it off NOW! The office is closed for the day. I left a message and I can go get a new cast tomorrow, but how can I get throuh until then? I have elevTed and iced, but it is not helping and my anxiety is growing. I do not normally have anxiety issues. Any advice would be very helpful.

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  1. I had the same thing. It’s awful. (Blog post April 11). I ended up going to the ER. Aside from that, elevate your foot as high as you can. I honestly wish I had something better to tell you, because I know how you are feeling. I’m so sorry. :(

  2. I am at the er right now. I couldn’t take it. Called the on-call physician and they told me to co e here. They are going to cut it on the sides to relieve pressure and place an ace bandage around it. I am sure I will be in the office getting a new cast tomorrow. I think the girl who placed my cast today didn’t position my foot right. Just thankful I won’t have to wait until tomorrow. My bp is 185/95. I was in full panic attack mode! I am so thankful for this group. It is so nice to have people who understand and can help. ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Oh good. I’m so glad (breathes a sigh of relief for you!). I definitely know about the full blown panic attack. Even now if I see someone in a cast I get jittery! Ask them tomorrow if you can go into an aircast boot instead. That’s what I did. Just knowing I could get out of it was all I needed. And my foot was just as secure and stable in there.

  4. Sweet relief having the cast opened! I had a cast on for two weeks and it didn’t bother me at all, but today just blew my mind! I have never experienced anything like that. The ER doc told me I could take the ace bandage off at home, and it was so nice to have it off and have some extra room. I just put the bandage back on for bed. I think I will ask for the air cast. I don’t want to go through what I went through tonight again!

  5. Julie - a bit late on this however you should do a site specific search (from home page of the forum - top right search box) for cast claustrophobia. Even though you had it on for 2 weeks your symptoms seem to fit. It is quite common.

  6. Thank you! I was put in another cast because the doctor was out. The nurse who put my first two casts on put my current one on and it is much better. I had some anxiety for a couple of days (over thinking it was going to be too tight again), but I have been pretty comfortable. I think I can handle it for two more weeks, but if I get that panick feeling again I am going to ask to be put in a boot. I feel like I would be strong enough to handle it. Counting down the days!!

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