My cast has gotten very loose an the gauze in my cast started coming out. It started really irritating my foot, so I removed kost f it. I am not due to go back for another week. Should I call and see if I can get a new cast?

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  1. Absolutely call! I’m sure they’ll get you in tomorrow to redo it. I would have called when it started getting loose - but I’m a squeaky wheel when things aren’t comfortable and my incision is not happy and my post surgery instructions said I should call if I had issues. And be sure to wrap it so you can’t flex it! Or reattach the cast and wrap it to tighten it for the time being. I did that once with one of the splints. It was getting loose and annoying me massively so I cut it open where there was no plaster and used one of my ace wraps to wrap around it and tighten it up until I could get in the next day to redo it.

  2. I agree with cserpent. Absolutely call. One of the things my surgeon said to me in the recovery room was, if you have any problems at all, or if your cast needs to be re-done, just call the office. He said it so casually, like re-doing casts is almost routine. I always felt like I was being a bother, but they never made me feel that way. They were very accommodating and told m it was good I came in.

  3. Thanks for the advice. I am going today to get a new cast. Hopefully I won’t be too swollen when She puts it on. That was the problem last time. I think I will get a bright, fun color!

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