First post op appointment

I had my first post op appointment today. It was so nice to habe air on my foot for a little while! The doctor said everything is looking good. He had to debulk my tendon. He said is was extremely thick and had lots ts of micro tears. I swelled up quite a bit from having xrays and my foot hanging down. I went to lunch with a friend after which was so nice. Too much up and around and I had to break down and take a pain pill. Ice is my friend! I bought a ukulele to have something to help pass the time. I teach small children with special needs, so I thought they would enjoy live entertainment when school starts back. I go back in two weeks to have my staples removed and get a cast changed.

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  1. Hi Julie! I had a surgery similar to yours (Haglund’s Deformity removal and Achilles repair) on March 24. Glad to hear things are going well for you so far. Keep that foot elevated above your heart as much as possible. I found that (and still do - lying down, foot up as I type!) to be even more beneficial than ice.
    The ukulele sounds awesome! Lucky kids!

  2. Glad it went well Julie! I agree with Shell - keep that foot elevated as much as you can. Have fun with the ukulele!

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