4 days post op

I had surgery to remove a bone spur and check out how damaged my tendon was. I am so surprised at how good I feel I am off pain meds, and getting around pretty well on my knee scooter. This site has been so helpful in preparing me. I had everything I needed and was only really anxious about being under general anesthesia. I go tomorrow for my first post op appointment and will be put into a hard cast. I am excited to go to the doctor because sitting aroind is driving me crazy!!!

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  1. Hopefully your tendon wasn’t too damaged. I was fortunate that mine was in good shape still. Good luck on your first appointment. I hated the cast and/or splint and after much complaining (couldn’t sleep, padding in cast/splint kept getting compressed and rubbing on my incision/..) I got a boot at 2.5 weeks. The boot was heaven! LOL!

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