My cast has gotten very loose an the gauze in my cast started coming out. It started really irritating my foot, so I removed kost f it. I am not due to go back for another week. Should I call and see if I can get a new cast?

Burning feeling

I have been having a burning sensation around my staples on the back of my heel. Not sure if it’s rubbed on my cast or if this is just how it is supposed to feel. I hate to take a pain pill for it, but I don’t know what else to do. Has anyone ever experienced this type of pain? Is it normal? Suggestions on how to help it feel better? Thanks in advance!

First post op appointment

I had my first post op appointment today. It was so nice to habe air on my foot for a little while! The doctor said everything is looking good. He had to debulk my tendon. He said is was extremely thick and had lots ts of micro tears. I swelled up quite a bit from having xrays and my foot hanging down. I went to lunch with a friend after which was so nice. Too much up and around and I had to break down and take a pain pill. Ice is my friend! I bought a ukulele to have something to help pass the time. I teach small children with special needs, so I thought they would enjoy live entertainment when school starts back. I go back in two weeks to have my staples removed and get a cast changed.

4 days post op

I had surgery to remove a bone spur and check out how damaged my tendon was. I am so surprised at how good I feel I am off pain meds, and getting around pretty well on my knee scooter. This site has been so helpful in preparing me. I had everything I needed and was only really anxious about being under general anesthesia. I go tomorrow for my first post op appointment and will be put into a hard cast. I am excited to go to the doctor because sitting aroind is driving me crazy!!!

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