Week 13-14

Well - am in the process of being referred back to the consultant to see what is going on with the Achilles - has filled in a little but is extremely painful to walk on - I’ve tried both resting and walking more on it in the vain attempt to get it moving. This whole process has seemed to be very long and slow!!!! Have been told that I am the only person that has been seen by the Orthotics department who has ruptured the same tendon twice!!!!!!! Not surprising then that they dont know what to do with me…..there is no chance that I can return to work in the next week so will have to accept that I can only go back in Sept!!!!! Booo Hooo!!!!

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  1. you are not alone. I am in week 14. I can’t walk downstair and painful in walking. :Physio told me I need 4 more week for downstair. Very depress on slow process.

  2. Sorry to hear that Doris - all I can say is try to persevere with it. I went to the consultant this week and he told me to take off the boot and have nothing on the leg, full weight bearing and to do ankle exercises. Have now been referred for physio. waiting for that to come through. so far, so good!

  3. Julia, I wonder how you are doing??

  4. Hi Julia, hope you are still checking your blog. Your ATR story is like mine, I re-ruptured at week 18 post-op and I’m on 12 days non-op now. I haven’t seen any re-rupture blog following the same route, so I was wondering what happened with you after week 13-14. Most re-ruptures I’ve seen on the blog were treated surgically which I’m trying to avoid, but it seems more and more obvious to me now that I will not have any other option. Hope you are doing well.

  5. Hi edhez! I saw your comment on Julia’s blog regarding your Achilles’ tendon reinjury… like you I have not found anyone that did not have a surgery to correct the probl. I reinjured my Achilles tenon6 weeks out of surgery and I have a partial tear…. my dr was saying that in the new MRI there is significant damage and a partial tear … He wants me to wait it out and see how I do when I’m able to start weight baring… I was 7 mos before 1st surgery in a boot… then had surgery and now I have a partial tear…. I’m wondering if you didn’t have 2nd surgery or tried to do it without surgery… how are you doing now?

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