Week 13-14

Well - am in the process of being referred back to the consultant to see what is going on with the Achilles - has filled in a little but is extremely painful to walk on - I’ve tried both resting and walking more on it in the vain attempt to get it moving. This whole process has seemed to be very long and slow!!!! Have been told that I am the only person that has been seen by the Orthotics department who has ruptured the same tendon twice!!!!!!! Not surprising then that they dont know what to do with me…..there is no chance that I can return to work in the next week so will have to accept that I can only go back in Sept!!!!! Booo Hooo!!!!

week 12

Am now starting to enter my 13th week in the boot - am very depressed about it all!!!  I had thought that this would be a much quicker option in the whole process, however, after last week when i was told that it is not healing as it should be, I’m not sure now.  Think perhaps I should have had the surgery after all.  Still, I am determined not to let this inconvenience beat me - I will get through it and I will be okay, just am a little short of patience so that is frustrating me!!!!  Have an especially scheduled appointment tomorrow with the orthopedics department - think this will be the make or break one!  I am goint to ask to be referred to see the consultant again…am desperate to get back to work but that isnt going to happen until September - school will be closing for the summer soon and my return before closure is not an option…….

Has anyone else had experience of healing not going to plan?  Could welcome some story sharing at this point…

Anyway will post again when I find out what is going to happen to me…

Hope everyone continues to make excellent progress in their recovery…

Week 9

Hi All

Have made some progress!!!!!!!!!

Last week went to see the Orthotics man and he warned me that the tendon was not healing properly and was not filling in the gap!!!  He warned that I would need an op if it continued to fail to make progress….so I waited all week, dreading returning for my appointment.  However, when I went this week he was quite surprised to find that the tendon had started to fill in the gap and was making significant progress!!!!!!!  I was ecstatic!!!!  Confirmed no surgery needed - so far!  Consequently he has lowered the wedge heel and has altered the angle of the boot to 15 degrees.  I am now allowed to put weight through the foot (this will encourage it to continue to heal (excuse the pun!) so can eventually go out of the house!! It feels wonderful!  I am now hoping that it will continue to heal and make progress so that I can return to work sooner, rather than later.  I absolutely hate being away from my work (in a school).  Keeping my fingers crossed for it all.  Hope everyone is managing to make progress too.  Let me know how you are all doing!!!  X


Hi All

Time to update again!!!!! 

Had a two week gap in the appointments this time so was a little easier not having to go to the hospital as often.  My younger son decided to accompany me for the appointment (he wanst to be a doctor when he grows up).  All was fine during the two weeks - managed to go for a couple of 50 minute walks with no real problems.  However, when I was walking into the hospital my boot got stuck on something on the floor.   As I moved forward my foot stuck, so, I tugged at it and it came free but because of the rubber part at the front of the boot being stuck on the floor, it jolted my  foot resulting in me stubbing my foot with full force on the floor!  Needless to say, I was distraught.  Fearing the worse, I waited for the pain to come to confirm that I had damaged, if not re-ruptured my achilles.  The pain did come however it was not severe enough to alert me to any significant damage.  I showed the doctor what had happened and he assured me that he could not feel any further tears in the tendon.  However, as I had gone a ghostly white colour he covered my leg/foot with an elasticated bandage to help to restrict any swelling that might occur.  I was advised to take Ibuprofen every four hours for the following 2-3 days.  I was also advised to rest-with no walking!!!!!  At this point he told me that had the accident not occured he was going to drop the angle of the boot down to 0 degrees.  He said that if after my resting I felt able, that I could drop the boot down myself (well, my husband could, as he is now an expert as changing the boot angle/insoles etc) so I am hopeful that this will still happen.  I only have one more scheduled appointment with the doctor but he did say that I needed to have at least 2 weeks in the 0 degree boot. Not sure what is going to happen next……. remember from my previous rupture that I need physio - perhaps even more this time?!!!  Would really like to have gone back to work in the next couple of weeks but this seems like it is not going to be a reality for me!!!!  Have started to think about alternative therapies as well, to compliment my recovery.  Has anyone else used any of these??????

Well that’s about all for now!  Let me know how you are all doing?

Take care X

Re-rupture!!!! OUCH!!!!!!

Hi all, my name is Julia and I have recently suffered my second achilles rupture.  The first rupture was in December 2007 which was mis-diagnosed for 3 weeks and then eventually repaired through surgery.  My second rupture happened on Easter Sunday, with no prior warning!  I have opted for conservative treatment with the second rupture - via a Vacoped boot.  I am hoping that this time it will heal on its own.  This is going to be checked along the way by my excellent orthotics man!!!!!!

If anyone has any information about recovery, rehab etc regarding a re-rupture I would love to hear it - there is little information available on this on the internet and medical sites!!!!


Thanks everyone for your comments!!  I had my re-rupture on Easter Sunday.  I had simply gone outside my house to hit a shuttlecock backwards and forwards with my daughter.  We had only been out for about 5 mins when it simply snapped.  The pain was agony-I almost passed out a few times on the way to Accident and Emergency department.  Have spoken to a number of people about this including a football physio who have all suggested surgerical repair however, Iam going to go ahead with the ‘boot’ treatment for now and see how it goes over the next two weeks!!!!


Dear all

Felt it was time for an update!!!

Have just been for my sixth appointment with the Orthotics department and it wasn’t good news really.  There is still a significant gap in the tendon despite me being in the boot and the reassurance of the consultant that it is ‘early days’ last week.  They have not reduced the foot pad but have altered the angle of the boot down to 15%.  The prognosis is that if the gap has not healed by next week, then I will have to be referred back to the consultant and will have to go through the operation as it is obviously not healing properly (that is if it doesnt rupture this week when I walk on it)!!!!!!! Consequently I am not feeling brilliant at this moment in time.  Although I can walk on the foot now, I am worrying that the tendon will not improve and that surgery is my only option, increasing the time that I need to be off  work!!!!! Has anyone ever been in this situation besides me?  I get the feeling that I am something of an anomally!!!!!