Four weeks after surgery and a much better week this week.  Spent all of last weekend in bed resting up a strained thigh muscle but back on my feet by Monday.

Major milestones this week

  • Now completely comfortable sleeping without my airboot on
  • Walking around the house completely crutch free
  • Through necessity climbed a number of staircases at work/social events and found it easier than I thought

Walking around the house with both hands free is a major improvement and I’m beginning to feel vaguely normal again.

I may have to get on a plane in a couple of weeks to attend a conference overseas, would be a 9 hour flight or so, Dr said it’s doable but I should be sure to take aspirin a week before and after - maybe compression socks as well.

I can see it would still be a challenge, even at some airports you have to walk miles these days between the plane and customs.  I’ll make a decision next week but would appreciate any advice/experience others can share?

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  1. Most airports are OK with people who need lifts on power carts. A call in advance sounds like a good idea.

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