A week in a boot

Three weeks after surgery and just completed my first week in the Aircast - a bit of a mixed bag overall.

Whilst taking the boot off has been wonderful in the shower it’s taken a bit of getting used to at night, found I was very conscious of my unprotected leg just lying there - had nightmares (some triggered by stories in this blog) about unthinkingly getting up in the night and walking on it!

Getting used to that now though and sleeping a bit better as a result.

Still on two crutches but have gradually increased the weight bearing and can do short distances on just one crutch.  I also bought a Procare ‘EvenUp” shoe balancer because I was sick of being so lopsided due to the Aircast boot.  This has been a great purchase and restores some normality to my movements.  I only came across it though because of this blog - why didn’t my OS tell me about this kind of thing!

Appears I may have overdone the walking though as I seem to have pulled a muscle in my thigh and lower back on the injured side.  This has actually given me the worst pain of anything to date - far worse than the original injury.

Planning to spend the weekend resting up in bed and hope the pain has gone down by Monday otherwise I’ll have to go back to the Dr’s next week.

Anyway two steps forward and only one step back hopefully, counting down another 4.5 weeks till I’m supposed to be out the boot and can drive again - fingers crossed!

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  1. It’s easy to forget how many OTHER body parts have been resting and atrophying.

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