Cast away

First visit to the OS today two weeks after surgery.

Got seen by a nurse who took my cast off and removed the sutures which luckily didn’t hurt at all.  The wound looked okay and she seemed happy with it although it felt very strange to have the ankle unprotected after 3 weeks of being in a cast.

This reminded me that when I first went to see the OS I had asked him about the various surgical options for ATR repairs including percutaneous vs open; thinking I was clever I also mentioned some fancy technique involving buttons that I’d heard about from the registrar at ER!

He just looked at me, shook his head and said these new techniques were all b******t and that over the years he’d tried every fancy innovation that had been invented but now does his repairs exactly as they would have done it in the 1950’s; basically just slice the ankle open and sew the tendon back together….fair enough I suppose, at least he’s experienced!

After removing the stitches I was given the choice of two types of boot either an aircast with inflatable pouches ($220) or another boot with no inflation ($160), I chose the aircast as it sounded more comfortable and the nurse fitted it with 6 heel wedges.

The OS then came in to see me but didn’t even bother looking at the wound.  My progress plan is PWB over the next two weeks using two crutches and gradually moving to one.

After 2 weeks I should be FWB and crutch free.  I have to remove one heel wedge per week and go back to see the OS in 6 weeks time.  No PT until after the boot comes off in another 6 weeks.

I have a possible overseas business trip in 4 weeks so I asked about flying with the boot, he said that in general he would avoid it due to the increased risk of DVT but if I have to travel then take a daily aspirin one week before and continue for one week after the journey.

So I’m very happy to be on the next stage and the promise of being able to drive in 6 weeks time now beckons!

The boot feels okay but it’s going to take a while to build up the PWB  I think, I guess you’ll just know what feels right as you gradually increase the weight.

I’m also planning to sleep in the boot for the next few days as I don’t trust myself in the middle of the night!

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  1. Great update and good luck.

    Have a safe trip, but be careful.

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