My Surgeon is MIA

I am going into my 10th week post-op.  Been in the boot for 4 weeks.  Still a lot of swelling and tender to walk on.  My job requires that I travel so I have the awsome knee walker that helps me through airports but I try to walk on my own the rest of the time.  I had an appointment with my surgeon on Friday - thinking he might let me try on a shoe for the first time in ages (had cast and boots before the surgery) but guess what!?!  A office person from his office calls and leaves a message on my phone mail saying he has cancelled my appointment.  Now I have gotten up at 4am to make a plane so that I can get back to this appointment that I have been counting down the days to and by the time I get to the Atlanta airport the appointment is cancelled. 

I call the office back and the person that answers tells me the Surgeon will not be back until the end of the month - no explanation - no can we make another appointment - nothing.  So now, I still have considerable pain at the end of the day (feels great in the morning), I still have that tingling sensation usually at night and the heel is still a little dis-colored.  I don’t think a shoe will give me the support I need because of all the walking I do and I don’t want to hurt anything - so what do I do now?

If anyone is at this point in their recovery can you please give me the suggestions your Doc gave to you.  I did excessive walking last week with the boot on - I’m a trainer and I stand all day at work and do a lot of walking in parking lots to hotels.  I need to ice more at night but beyond that I’m lost. 

All of the help I have had through this adventure from this site has been great.  Any other suggestions would be great.

Thanks - Judy will probably always have only one shoe


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  1. Judy: I can’t believe that you are not in shoes. You and I are only a few days apart on surgery dates but we got out of our cast and into the boot on the same day as I recall. I have been in two shoes only for two weeks now. Are you in physical therapy because the therapist is who put me into shoes. the surgeon had written the order that once I could get my foot to zero degrees I was allowed to go into two shoes. I do a lot of walking for my job as well and I do have a bit of an issue with swelling but each day is less and less. I can tell you that standing causes me to swell up more than walking does. Also, once I was allowed to start pedaling on a stationary bike, I have had no more stiffness. The therapist only lets me pedal for about 10 minutes at a time but they said I could do it three times a day. (I have a bicycle set up at home on a trainer)
    Is there another doctor in the office with your surgeon that you could see since your guy is out till the end of the month? And as far as support goes with the shoe, I was afraid a shoe wouldn’t give me as much either, but after about the first hour I realized I was much better than I thought!
    I feel your frustration gal! Hang in there.

  2. Hi Judy,

    I’m 7 months and a week post OP. I was in a cast for 4 weeks, walking cast for 2, boot for 2 then back into shoes. While in a boot I toured London. Did quite a bit of walking. I experienced a lot of swelling. I elevated and iced my foot at the end of the day. 8 weeks total in a cast and boot. You should be back in shoes after 8 weeks at the most. When I received my boot I started therapy. I was in therapy for about 6 weeks.

    My surgeon moved to a different state when I was 4 weeks post OP. So, my last few visits I saw a Doctors assistant. I’ve been back in shoes for some time now. Leg continues to get stronger. I do a lot of walking. I still experience a stinging sensation now and then. around the rupture area. For the most part I’m doing great. I’m still very careful when I walk. Especially on uneven surfaces etc.

    Good luck with your recovery. Be patient. =)

    San Diego

  3. Judy,

    As a fellow Louisvillian and achilles tendon sufferer, would love to hear how you’re doing. I’m presently 2 1/2 weeks post op after having my tendon severed and my pateince is wearing very thin!


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