My Surgeon is MIA

I am going into my 10th week post-op.  Been in the boot for 4 weeks.  Still a lot of swelling and tender to walk on.  My job requires that I travel so I have the awsome knee walker that helps me through airports but I try to walk on my own the rest of the time.  I had an appointment with my surgeon on Friday - thinking he might let me try on a shoe for the first time in ages (had cast and boots before the surgery) but guess what!?!  A office person from his office calls and leaves a message on my phone mail saying he has cancelled my appointment.  Now I have gotten up at 4am to make a plane so that I can get back to this appointment that I have been counting down the days to and by the time I get to the Atlanta airport the appointment is cancelled. 

I call the office back and the person that answers tells me the Surgeon will not be back until the end of the month - no explanation - no can we make another appointment - nothing.  So now, I still have considerable pain at the end of the day (feels great in the morning), I still have that tingling sensation usually at night and the heel is still a little dis-colored.  I don’t think a shoe will give me the support I need because of all the walking I do and I don’t want to hurt anything - so what do I do now?

If anyone is at this point in their recovery can you please give me the suggestions your Doc gave to you.  I did excessive walking last week with the boot on - I’m a trainer and I stand all day at work and do a lot of walking in parking lots to hotels.  I need to ice more at night but beyond that I’m lost. 

All of the help I have had through this adventure from this site has been great.  Any other suggestions would be great.

Thanks - Judy will probably always have only one shoe


I need more patience!!!!

I got my cast off Friday morning and into the boot I went.  The doctor told me I could start walking as tolerated.  Well in the weeks leading up to getting that cast off I envisioned running through airports, flying down stairs, in other words, going back to a normal life.  WRONG!  The first time with the boot as I stepped down it felt like my heel was stepping into a pit of broken glass.  I have the heel lift in the boot but I think it just needs more time to heel.  (I had part of my heel bone cut out and then the achillies re-attached).  So as I sit here at 5 am and after icing my heel, it still hurts and is very swollen.  I tried to bargin with my heel.  If it would just let me do the things I needed to do yesterday I would stay off of it tomorrow.  I agreed with that logic but I can tell you right now - the heel didn’t agree.  I’ll go now try to ice up the heel again and talk to it and see if I can make any more deals with it.  (I don’t think the heel is lisitening to me!)


Cast off - on to the boot!

Today the cast came off.  I’ve been dreaming since the surgery - the cast comes off and I will be able to walk in the boot like before the surgery.  WRONG!  The Doctor put the boot on - I stepped down on my foot and I thought I was going to scream.  He gave me flex exercises to do at least three times a day.  I can do partial weight bearing as tolerated.  Today that means about five steps.  After I got home I tried it again and I can walk a little around the house.  I did make it up the four steps to get into the house.  I thought getting the cast off was the end of the tunnel - now I see that it’s not.  I still have a long way to go.  I don’t know about you all - but that was one ugly leg that came out of that cast.  It looked like one of the before commercials for a moisturizing lotion.

Happy Healing!

56 more hours in this cast!

In the past two years my left leg has been in a boot or cast longer than it has been out.  Now my surgery is over (12/9/08) and I cannot wait to get this off my leg.  I have an attractive red Christmas cast (everyone that left the Drs. that day had a red one on) and I am so ready to get rid of it.  My understanding is that I will go from this to the boot for 2 weeks.  The first week non weight bearing - the second will be putting weight on.  I am scheduled to fly out on Feb 2nd for my job so I am anxious to see how it is going to be going through the airports.  I have had to have go through security and get the wand job.  I have a knee walker that will helf for the first few weeks.  Is there anyone out there that goes through the airport all the times?  Please let me know if you have any tricks or tips to help make it trough to the rental car garage.




NWB and Stairs

Does anyone have a good “trick” to manage a flight of stairs while still in the non weight bearing stage.  I need to get to my laundry and it’s down in the lower level, approx 26 steps.  Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks!  Judy

Two Years, Heel Spur, Haglund’s Deformity

I have spent the past two years fighting this left foot beast.  The first Dr. I saw gave me injections, heel lifts, night boot, and finally the cast for three months.  After the three months I found another Dr. that was local and he took the cast off, put me in a boot and then I had ESWT on my foot.  This was a very painful process (not enough numbing and it felt like someone was hitting my ankle bone with a hammer).  This process did not work - I gave it a year to get better and - yes sought another Dr.  This time I got a diagnosis of heel spurs causing tears in my achillies (there were now two of them) and Haglund’s Deformity.  I had surgery on December 9th 2008.  The took off the spurs, repaired the Haglund’s deformity and then reattached my achilles with three screws.  I spent two weeks in a splint, now I am in the second week of my cast with two more weeks to go.  I found this web site about four days after surgery and it has been the best thing on the web!  The information has been invaluable.  I am currently using a knee walker and I also have the shower protector.  I am going crazy not being able to be active like I used to be but I read your stories and know there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I just wish I was closer to it.  Again, thanks for all of the tips!