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June 2008

5 weeks - busy with PT and an unsolicited side affect

Since I got the boot on Monday I have been having a PT session every day.  It does sound uberfast compared to other protocols, I know.  I guess I am in this fast track  because my therapist is committed to get me on my foot to the most possible extent by the time we hit [...]

Sorry, Mr Boot

I know I said earlier that it makes me clumsy and it is awful to sleep in but I guess I need to apologize, Mr Boot.  Tonight,  after the 2 hour therapy in the morning, the long day at the office and the monster grocery shopping, I probably would have kicked the bucket in the cast.  Instead, I just [...]

got the boot today, already slipped in it - God, have mercy!

Everything started great - doc took my cast off, said everything was fine with the wound, cleaned the area and fiited me into the boot.  It felt weird first but I could feel that it will help me walk just fine.  Went back to the office, had a long day.  It started to rain as [...]

28 days

Yep, yesterday was the 28th  day of the injury and tomorrow will be the same of the surgery.   In retrospect, these past 4 weeks were not so awful as I had anticipated.  Luckily, I haven’t had much pain or further complications.  Oh, yes, the cast itself is a pain but eventually I could work around [...]

week 3 - went back to work and an unplanned doc visit

At day 22 I went back to work.  Just meant to drop by around 9 am.  Oh yes, I left after 5.  Truth revisited: there is no just dropping by at the office… It well went though.  My dear assistant arranged for my transportation  back and forth, got me a nice plush stool to rest [...]

when were you fitted to the walker boot?

I was wondering when you guys were fitted to the walker boot.  I know there is a whole myriad of protocols out there but still interested in a little poll.  Could 4 weeks in cast mean sufficient healing before changed to walker?  Also, did anyone start PT around 4 weeks post-op?  My therapist seems very agressive with [...]

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Weeks 6-11: The Trip and back

It seems forever that I last was here - the names on the recent comments seem so unfamiliar.  Anyway, Hi to my old blog buddies and new ones as well.
I try to give a quick summary of the past weeks:
Week 5- PT every day, madness at the office, last week of school for kids, packing up [...]


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