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May 2008

pancake brunch, garage sale and maybe Indy tonight?

Today was the annual garage sale / pancake breakfast at the kids’ school.  Plus Dani had a baseball game as well.  This was just one of those mornings when you go - ok, so how am I gonna make it?  I am a single mom so I can’t rely on anyone else.  Of course, my [...]

boot questions

I guess I am a bit confused in the boot department… When you guys say boot - what do you mean? The one which is the real hefty one (the moonwalker)? Is  this the aircast type of thing?  Which would be the equivalent of a hard cast?  Or the walker (the Bledsoe) ?Which is more like a transition between [...]

I might get the boot

Literally, I mean.  It seems that there is a place here where they could order the boot for me from Greece and then I can get the cast off and just hop (figuratively) into it.  That would give me a chance of starting PT earlier - which I find important before my trip.  So eventully the day turned out [...]

my first real posting - 2 weeks post-op

Although I have been putting some comments here and there, eventully I figured out how to write  real entry! - thanks Dennis!
I am two weeks post-op,having my full cast changed to a walking one yesterday.  I was a little disappointed since for some reasons I thought his would be a great step in the recovery [...]

Hello world!

Welcome to
This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
Be sure to fill out your achilles rupture date and surgery date (if you know it).
We can give you more customized information this way.
Here’s some information:
Here is the web address for your blog’s control page to start blogging:[your username]/wp-admin
If [...]

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Weeks 6-11: The Trip and back

It seems forever that I last was here - the names on the recent comments seem so unfamiliar.  Anyway, Hi to my old blog buddies and new ones as well.
I try to give a quick summary of the past weeks:
Week 5- PT every day, madness at the office, last week of school for kids, packing up [...]


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