I got the BOOT!

Well, I’m 3 weeks post-op as of yesterday. I’m PWB and am still pretty much without pain or much swelling. That’s a good thing of course! I started some chair cardio as well as some upper body workouts on Monday and I can’t describe how awesome it feels to be active again. Chair cardio’s actually not too bad, you’re arms just get really tired. I’ve been progressively more mobile which is so much better than being laid out on the couch with my foot in the elevated position that we all so love.

Had my appointment with the doctor and had my stitches removed. My incision was a little moist due to too much perspiration in the splint so got told not to get it wet for another week. Other than that, everything seems to be going well. I switched out my splint for a Bledsoe Achilles Boot, it’s a type of Cam Walker Boot, not the VACOcast boot I was hoping for that everyone says is so great.

The doctor set the boot up with two 10 degree wedges and showed me how to take it on and off. It’s actually not bad at all as far as comfort goes, just have to get used to the heaviness/bulkiness. But of course, I have nothing to compare it to. Now, what the doctor said next was a little surprising compared to the structured recovery timelines I’ve been reading about on this site. He basically told me it was up to me to put as much weight as I could tolerate on my injured foot and to remove the last 2 wedges as pain allowed. He reassured me that my AT was safe as long as my foot was secured in the boot and that I didn’t need to worry about hurting it. He then gave me a remedy to treat the upcoming swelling, told me to come back in 2 weeks and sent me on my way. Oh, got cleared to go back to work on limited duty for 8 hours a day too, yay!

That was it, no recovery timeline and no advice as far as what ROM exercises I’m supposed to do. Maybe the lack of instructions is because my doctor/surgeon is my golfing buddy and because of my lack of asking questions. Probably because I’m always texting him and asking questions. It’s a good thing that so much info is provided on this site about timelines and ROM exercises or I would be totally lost.

My plan is to get full weight bearing by the end of week 4 and to hopefully remove one of the last two wedges by my 5 week post-op appointment. This will hopefully get me on pace to be in 2 shoes by week 7/8 which is where it seems most people are making that transition. I think this seems reasonable and not too aggressive compared to other recovery timelines I’ve seen. Any thoughts or suggestions on my makeshift recovery timeline? Also, is there anyone out there that has used or is currently using the same Bledsoe boot that I have? Any info or tips about the boot would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all for your advice and I hope everyone is recovering well!

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  1. I assume you got the “fixed” Bledsoe, where the steel arms go straight into the sole, without the fancy adjustable hinge? At this point, the hinge could replace the wedges, but soon, you could adjust it to let the boot “flex”, which makes a smoother transition to 2 shoes. (Most hinged boots have ROM in their names.)

    I like your Doc’s advice OK. But when you’re removing a serve, I’d do it at bedtime and sleep in the boot that night. Lets your leg get used to the new angle before you load it up.

  2. I am almost 6 weeks post ATR and I am NWB and have swelling if I don’t elevate my foot. I think that it is fantastic that you are PWB after only 3 weeks. Good for you!

    I see my OS on Monday and I hope that I can go PWB after that because I am ready!

    Continue to heal!

  3. To Norm,
    As always, thanks for your input and advice. My Bledsoe boot does not have any fancy dials, hinges or air bladders. It’s just the base model but I’ve seen the one you’re talking about on their website. I will implement your advice about wearing the boot at night when removing a wedge when the time comes. Thanks again.

    To Franticachilles,
    Thanks for your comment and support. It’s amazing how much this injury has humbled me and made me appreciate some of the things that we take for granted. I feel very lucky and fortunate to be PWB at this point and am not going to push it. I don’t want to do anything to set myself back. I hope your appointment goes well and happy healing.

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