A little contribution!

Well , it’s been about 1 week since surgery and I’m finally getting some energy back. Sure wish I had 2 good feet to go for a run but that’s gonna have to wait awhile. At this point of my recovery, I’m glad to say that there’s virtually no pain in my AT area and I’m completely off of pain medication. Its so nice not being so tired from the meds. I am taking some flexeril for constant muscle spasms that seem to just show up at night. Without this medication, the muscle spasms cause some pain to my AT ¬†and keep me from much needed sleep.

Had my 1st post op appointment with my doctor on Thursday. Doctor said my incision is healing well and everything looks good. He hooked me up with a new splint and bandages and told me to come back in 2 weeks to get my stitches removed. Then I’ll be fit for my VACOcast Achilles Pro boot, Can’t wait! Sure will be nice to crutch around with a boot opposed to this splint that pretty much offers no protection.

Yesterday was the 1st day I was really mobile other than the short trip from the bedroom to the living room. I even tried to help out around the house a little while the wife was at work and the kids were at school. In order to gain the use of my hands again, I lost the crutches and used a small desk chair with wheels to get around the kitchen. Emptied the dishwasher and made the family my 1st dinner since my injury. Wow, what a great feeling it was to contribute a little.

Thanks to those who have commented to my last post. I’ve figured out how to create new posts but haven’t quite figured out how to respond individually to the people who have replied to my previous posts. I hope everyone is recovering well and I wish everyone the best.

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