I got the BOOT!

Well, I’m 3 weeks post-op as of yesterday. I’m PWB and am still pretty much without pain or much swelling. That’s a good thing of course! I started some chair cardio as well as some upper body workouts on Monday and I can’t describe how awesome it feels to be active again. Chair cardio’s actually [...]

A sleepy foot

I’m 2 weeks post op tomorrow and ┬áhaven’t really experienced any pain since about 5 days after surgery. I’ve now been elevating my foot pretty much all day since I sustained my ATR. The blood rush to my foot when crutch’n around has gradually tapered off daily and only a small amount remains at this [...]

A little contribution!

Well , it’s been about 1 week since surgery and I’m finally getting some energy back. Sure wish I had 2 good feet to go for a run but that’s gonna have to wait awhile. At this point of my recovery, I’m glad to say that there’s virtually no pain in my AT area and [...]

1st ATR Post

Hello everyone!
My name is Juan and unlike most people that I’ve read about in this blog, I actually tore my left AT while at work. I’m 33 years old, had surgery on 2-27-14 and am 4 days post op. I’m in law enforcement and work in California. On 2-14-14, I responded to a DUI collision [...]