My surgery was last Tuesday.

Boy has it been a long week.   It was worse then then surgeon antitipated, they had to remove my tendon from my heel and cut away about 1/2″ from then end of the tendon.  Then they had to release my tendon to lengthen it to reattach to my heel.  They also found a bone spur that they removed.  I really didn’t experience any pain afterward as I stayed on top of the pain meds.  However on Sat I became very dizzy, low grade fever and just not well.  I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and then found out that I had an infection in my blood.  I just got out of the hospital about an hour ago.  Hopefully now I will be on the road to recovery.  The hard part is that I can’t walk and still need assistance from others.  I do have a question though, how do you take a shower with the bandage on your leg and no weight bearing allowed?  Would love suggests I hate the sponge baths.

Achilles Tendon Insertion Tear

My Achilles Tendon is tearing away from my Heel.  The surgeon said that the tendon is very tight so they have to release the tendon, remove the tendon from my heel, remove the imflamed and scar tissue and then attach the tendon with anchor screws.  I was told that I would be non weight bearing for at least 3 months.