The accidental foot plant

Oye. My first day back at work. I’m in a fiberglass cast now, been in it for two weeks. I hopped out of my condo and my crutch got caught in the doorway sent me on a trip causing me to accidentally plant my foot. Of course the first thing I think is "Oh crap!". Surprisingly other than slight discomfort and some swelling, there’s been no pain to really think of.  Of course, I’m going in my head, "Great! it snapped again". Oye vey, I hope it’s okay

3 Responses to “The accidental foot plant”

  1. Don’t Do That! OTOH, most of us did, and most did not rerupture, though some did. I’m betting you didn’t. Watch out for wet or snowy crutch-tips, too. As you heal and gain confidence, your risk probably increases!

  2. You’re probably right. It didn’t pop. I’m assuming if I reruptured I would’ve known right away. I do have ice crutch tips on my crutches. The crutch got caught on something. If I hadn’t of planted I would’ve surely face planted on the pavement. it was a reflex I suppose.

  3. Ya, those reflex “saves” are hard to fight, and sometimes do cause reruptures. We’re hard-wired not to fall, and fight hard with any handy muscles — including your calf and vulnerable AT — to fight it. Work on prevention.

    I had a heart valve replaced about 3 years ago, and sneezing was the big post-op hard-wired scare after that op. Coughing was bad enough, but having a normal old-fashioned painless sneeze was one of the biggest breakthroughs! :-)

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