The accidental foot plant

Oye. My first day back at work. I’m in a fiberglass cast now, been in it for two weeks. I hopped out of my condo and my crutch got caught in the doorway sent me on a trip causing me to accidentally plant my foot. Of course the first thing I think is "Oh crap!". Surprisingly other than slight discomfort and some swelling, there’s been no pain to really think of.  Of course, I’m going in my head, "Great! it snapped again". Oye vey, I hope it’s okay

My first blog (5 days removed from surgery)

Had my surgery on Friday the 13th…lol. I am currently at home resting and working from home until December 30th. My job is an office job, depending on how my first post-op goes, I should be able to return to work by then.

It had been 4 weeks since I suffered a complete rupture and was worried that I would’ve had to go with the reconstructive surgery. Luckily, it was a clean tear and the tendon did not retreat into the calf muscle. The doctor said the tendon re-attached nicely and was an easy fix. I’m hoping this will help the healing process a bit. The doctor did give me the worst case scenarios when I first met him, which I was prepared for, so it was a surprise when the doctor told me that the tendon went back together without a hitch. Big sigh of relief and I have my first post op on Friday. The doctor did a great job. The meds have kept the pain at bay although I did get nauseous a couple of times. So now my recovery begins.

I had soldiered on at work in a boot and on one crutch for 4 weeks because I was hoping not to inconvenience my work too much with the holidays around the corner. It worked out for the best and much to my relief, I had two weeks vacation time left over to use in conjunction with Christmas shutdown. I work a desk office job, so my position is pretty much sedentary. So I’m pretty lucky, considering the circumstances. I was also very lucky that my dad flew in 3000 miles to stay with me my first week removed from surgery. It’s been a huge help.

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