uplifting week

Been a huge week, 8 weeks in now post surgery, have boot off walking in two shoes, slight limp but nothing awful. Showering is so much easier also ! hoping to drive soon. Major light at the end of the tunnel, hoping to be golfing with a cart by end of aug, and skiing again in Jan. Biggest thing is the mental relief again of being mobile and not having to beg the family to fetch and deliver, and have 2 hands to carry stuff. Plus the ache in non injured leg calming down also. Lastly can believe how many people i have now met around the place who have had this injury, you never notice until it happens to you ! heal well and fast all.

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  1. Lucky you… 7 weeks post op and I’m not even PWB yet in my boot. Should start next week though…

    My PT was delayed though due to my Achilles being stitched into my calf muscle rather than achilles to achilles.

    Can’t wait to get going!

  2. This is the most common tendon rupture by far — though the OTHER one I’ve torn (the little tendon that straightens the last joint on a finger) is pretty common, too. And almost NOBODY operates on THAT one, because it’s just too darned SMALL! Total immobilization for 8 weeks is the standard cure, though I naturally wonder if a more “modern, aggressive” and PROgressive rehab protocol would work better. . .

  3. Hey JSS - I’m at week 14 and the days of NO WEIGHT and crutches and knee scooter seem so long ago - although it was only 8 weeks ago! The improvements occur so quickly!

  4. Two shoes–I’m jealous :) You sound like you are in a good place now and on your way to an even better place. I hope to be skiing in January too. Good luck!

  5. I agree - two shoes already! I’m impressed.

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