uplifting week

Been a huge week, 8 weeks in now post surgery, have boot off walking in two shoes, slight limp but nothing awful. Showering is so much easier also ! hoping to drive soon. Major light at the end of the tunnel, hoping to be golfing with a cart by end of aug, and skiing again in Jan. Biggest thing is the mental relief again of being mobile and not having to beg the family to fetch and deliver, and have 2 hands to carry stuff. Plus the ache in non injured leg calming down also. Lastly can believe how many people i have now met around the place who have had this injury, you never notice until it happens to you ! heal well and fast all.

5 weeks in

Hi, I ruptured my right achilles skiing back on 7th April, and had the op on 15th, cast till the 25th then boot nwb til 30th when stitches came out and pwb. Back to the doc on 17 may to have butterfly stitches off and take out 5 cm wedge out down to 1.5 cm wedge in boot and wedge in left shoe. Doc says now plan to get into 2 shoes in next 2 weeks, and drive in 3 weeks, so will be 8 weeks post surgery till driving. So that’s where we are, starting 4th pt appt. Have to say this site has been incredibly useful in answering so many concerns and issues ! Fantastic. In case it helps others the biggest issues I have faced have been aching wrists from crutches, anxiety of rerupture and pain from over use of other leg and rupture of that one  ! (a lot of it unnecessarily , frankly), just being cautious works. Think the pain meds and healing of leg runs you down so keeping perspective is not only critical but hard. First 2 weeks are hardest and time drags but as soon as in boot and pwb , time moves faster and frustration calms. Again I am 5 weeks in and relate to so much of the other blogs, so thanks to all for your input and support, happy and quick healing to all.

I still struggling to workout how it went in a ski boot on relatively flat slow moving track, maybe just hit slush, but suspect as am 47 it may be more wear and tear, but had no symptoms and had had a fantastic season. …….I am a Brit living in US, and have to say the medical support and care I have received has been nothing short of spectacular.