8 week check up

Well today was my 8 week check up and the ortho said all was well. I can’t do weighted squats or weighted lower body excerises yet. He did say that I can start to add movement excercises and light cutting drills when running now. The biggest problem I am facing in my own mind is not to push too hard as my leg feels better.

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  1. Ya, this is a scary period. Do Watch Your Step!

  2. Hey Norm, don’t take me off the successful non op just yet, norm hillie Kkirk Ryan, and many more , thanks for your patience advice and support after being told I had almost 1inch gap at ltrascan, the consultant told me I haven’t and told me to go 2 shoes tonight, I’m not I’ve got to prepare for a big board meeting tomorrow , but I promise tomorrow ill give you a full update, hey norm I got my blog working asked for opinions but unusually no answers, I think it’s because I haven’t updated title of blog, can you give me a tip on how I do this
    Jsmac, sorry for hijacking your post but well done on progress

  3. I forget exactly how to edit a title, RRR, but I think once you’re signed in you just change it. Try something; if it doesn’t work, try something else. You won’t ruin it, esp if you don’t hit SAVE after you’ve made it worse.

  4. Thanks norm will have ago later, just breaking off from work for a few minutes, but in the meantime gota tell you , I told you i insisted on ultra scan which was exactly one week ago, the guy doing the scan said 1.5 cm gap, went seeing consultant the following tues, he met me with how are things?feeling better, i had to remind this meeting was set prior to scan to discuss results of scan, anyhow he tells me i don’t have a gap, squeeze test showed slight movement , so went to pt also she said slight movement , consultant explained that scan is difficult but his view its just showing mush which we have to get right, upshot is he told,e to go 2 shoes with wedge I never bothered with wedge I feel good, I’ve got hydro physio Monday, only issue now I slightly hurt foot but its not a worry, I went down stairs 2shoes like I had with boot, that didn’t work, so going down bad foot leading all time, norm how’s the knee

  5. I’m slowly proceeding to get the knee looked at by a fancy sports-med “guru” who once MAGICALLY solved a shoulder problem for me that seemed very serious. I’m hoping, but I probably won’t get in ’til June.

    Sorry you got into trouble using my step-walking trick , RRR. First I’ve heard of a problem. It works best in stiffer-soled shoes with a good grippy sole. Obviously you don’t want the sole to slip down off the stair as you’re rolling around the “nose”. And maybe if the shoe flexes a lot you could get into trouble, maybe. . .
    As long as you let your foot stay at ~90 degrees as you roll the shoe over the step, and don’t “fight” or exert your muscles to change things — in other words, as long as you let a non-flexing ankle roll over the step — it should work fine and painlessly. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll again be walking fast downstairs, looking perfectly normal to the casual observer.

    Can you describe how the trick went wrong?

  6. Hi Norm
    I think the shoe flex may just be the issue, I’ve got Nike air mesh shoes , I will try more of a snug boot, and probably trying to hard.
    Norm I wish you the very best on your shoulder, and wish I could offer you advice like you have done for me and many more. I can’t but you know I’ll be rooting for you mate

  7. When did you finally move to wearing regular shoes. You are reconvering extremely well. Congrats, I hope I will recover as well as you did. I am 3 weeks out PWB I am hoping to move to FWB next week.

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