8 weeks Post rupture

Hello all, I just found this blog site and have been impressed with the information and the stories.
My story goes like this, 9 years ago I ruptured my left achilles and had it reparied surgically. The recovery was long and painful, almost 6 months before I was back to normal activities. I had a lose of feeling in the back of my leg and infection in the incision. Basically all the side effects that can be had with surgery I had.

On February 22, 2013 I ruptured my right one on a run. This time I opted to not have surgey and just casted it. Well it is 8 weeks post rupture and I have been out of the Air Cast for two weeks and started runing on the treadmill last week. This recovery has gone smooth and amazing. The physiotherapy 3 times a week and the addirional work I do on my own is a big factor. I turn 40 this month and hope to be back to running full bore by the end of May.
I will keep all posted. I have experienced both recovery methods so I welcome questions. I am not against surgery you just need to wiehg your options and it depends on what you lifestyle is.

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  1. Glad you are doing well .Was it a full rupture?I has surgery
    on 15th feb and not back to hospital for another 10 days so still in boot.But I would say I’m miles away from running.I will be happy to be walking in shoes by week 10-12.If it was a full rupture I’m amazed and jealous :-) .Good work.

  2. TrickyBricky, the new (2007-2010) studies showing great results with fast non-op protocols all treated only FULL ruptures. JSMac, welcome to a few clubs, including one I’ve had pretty much to myself — the “1-op, 1-non-op” club!

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