10 day post op visit

Visited the hospital today to get stitches removed and things checked out. Splint was removed. No infection to be found. No nerve damage detected. Stitches were pulled out. My foot was placed back in a new cast with a new foot position. Will be in this for 2 weeks and then another cast after that for another two weeks. The. Doctor says then a boot and PT. Wish it could go faster.

Hello. Full tear here.

How it happened: playing volleyball on May 23. Felt like someone hit me on the ankle and down i went. Didnt hurt that bad so i tried to stand up. It felt like i was in a high heeled shoe on my left foot so i quickly sat back down. After a visit to the ER found out that it was a full rupture.

Hospital visits: i visited the specialist the next day. He gave me the typical surgery if athelete and non if your older. So i signed up to have surgery the next week.

Research: throughout the next week the wife and i did a lot of research online and talked to my brother and friends. My wife is a phd and i have a masters so we know how to look at scholarly articles. These articles were a headache cause they just seemed to go back and forth between surgery vs non. My brother and friend who are both doctors said either way is the right way, but they would both prefer non surgical to be conservative. So after hearing them out and reading lots i was leaning non surgical if the doctor would go rapid rehab (seemed like most of the positive non surgcal routes paired those two). So i called the doctor to talk about it more. The doctor said he only does ten weeks of casting if they went non surgical. My bro and friend also found out my doctor was still under fellowship and referred me to a better doctor in the system i was under. The new doctor was much more experienced. He recommended the minimally invasive procedure. He said why cause more trauma to fix something. I liked the sound of this so i eventually got rescheduled for surgery. Other factors to lead me toward this surgical was that he still advocated for the longer casting if i wanted to do that. I didnt want to be stuck in casts for that long. If i was the rehab would take that much longer. The minimal invasive seemed like a good trade off. No huge scar and quicker results.

Sugery day: new sugery scheduled with new doctor. Went in that day. Thing i was scared most about was the IV. I hate needles. The IV wasnt that bad of course, just fears from being stuck as a kid. They used a general anestetic so i was KO’d and it was over just like that. Doctor said the incision ended up being about an inch long. Cant complain with that. After getting drugs and some instruction i was out of there in my half cast.

Recocery: i took lots of advil and vicodin regulaly the first two days just so i would avoid pain if any. Admittedly i didnt really experince much pain at all. After a few days the greatest pain i have was back pain from lying in bed all day. By day 3 the swelling had gone down considerably. I just take a single advil now to thin the blood for better circulation. Nurse said the first 5-7 days are critical to healing and to keep my foot elevated. So thats all ive been doing since sugery. Day 5 post sugery now.

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