First Post-op Appt yesterday- OW!

Uncategorized August 19th, 2008

So yesterday I went in for my first post-op appointment to have some of my stitches and staples out. As strange as it may seem, I just assumed that there would be stitches under my foot from the tendon transfer retrieval, but had no idea what was going on under the splint until they removed it today. I actually have two incisions on my instep, one rather long, and of course the super-long incision in the back of my ankle. I couldn’t look but my husband said that it ran from down the back and almost wrapped under my foot. The in-step incisions made a lot of sense- that was why it was burning so much there!

When the Nurse Practitioner took out the stitches and staples from the instep, the pain was unimaginable, especially from the staples. I don’t know if I am just a big baby or what, but the whole thing made me almost pass out. It really hurt. I have been trying to find someone on here who has had a flexor transfer like I have to compare stories. Anyway, she said the wounds look good- no infection, no real swelling, very minimal bruising. Afterwards, I got a MUCH lighter and snugger super-hot pink case put on. I keep this on for the next four weeks and then move on to a ‘weight-bearing cast’- not sure what this means. I just want to know when I can reasonably expect to walk without crutches! 

Yay, responses!

Uncategorized August 13th, 2008

Thanks for the feedback. The painkillers I was taking were Vicodin, and up until yesterday, I was counting the minutes until my next dose. I am just trying Advil now.

It really was a freak accident. My husband and I were unloading the dishwasher after Christmas dinner and he dropped a martini glass with a very thick stem. I didn’t know this, as I wasn’t facing him, but suddenly felt like someone kicked me as hard as they could in the back of my leg…now, I know, a tell-tale sign. I dropped to the floor and everyone thought I was more shocked than in pain because the cut didn’t seem that deep on my leg. Apparently the stem broke off and bounced off the tile floor. There was a small cut in my pants leg and a pretty nasty horizontal nick on the tendon. Man, it hurt. I finally went to the ER the next night and the Physician’s Assistant actually cut it open more to see if there was any glass left in there and then stitched it up. Subsequent visits to various other medical providers proved unhelpful.

A friend finally convinced me to go to a specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery and within a couple of hours, had an MRI which showed the tear.

It’s been a trying time! It’s great to be able to see how others are faring with this injury.

Thanks for the words of support!

P.S. Absorbent material- hmm, never heard of that…

8 days Post-op…

Uncategorized August 12th, 2008

My name is Jshap and I’ve torn my Achilles…

So my left tendon was cut in a freak accident with a piece of glass back in December. I had a few misdiagnoses, and a couple of incompetents tell me that my x-ray looked ok (duh), and then finally went to the best in the biz and was given an MRI. A subsequent diagnosis of >50% tear, and here I am, 8 days post-repair.  I was in the hospital for 2 nights with excruciating pain and extreme nausea. I still have more pain than it seems some of the other ATR club members have, which has me a little concerned, though I know that it’s still early. Everyone seems to have been able to stop taking pain meds after like 3 days!

My surgeon had to take two tendons from the bottom of my foot and transfer them to the gap in the Achilles. He said he was pleased with the operation, but that he did ‘an awful lot of work in there’. Anyone else out there have a tendon transfer? The pain is pretty much constant.

Also, at the 2 week mark, I am to go in for the second lighter cast. I spoke with the doctor’s nurse practitioner and she said she would see me for this visit, and that I am not getting my stitches out until 4 weeks. Everything I have heard and read is contrary to this, that I should be getting them out in 2 weeks. I am wondering if she or I misunderstood something, because this seems late. Anyone get theirs out later than 2 weeks?

Any feedback would be appreciated. This is a great place to compare recoveries!!