About Me

I’m a 39YO (1970) Sales manager, mostly desk bound.

Height: 5′11 / 180cm    Weight: 286lbs / 130Kg

I keep a low-moderate level of fitness, cycling 2-3 times a month to/from work (40Km round Trip) and playing Beach Volley Ball Weekly (Fairly Active Games)

I’ve played a high level of sport (National Indoor Hockey Team) and State Field Hockey and have built a strong core strength and compete even with workmates 10 years my junior at an ok level, despite my weight. Though I am certainly not denying that my weight is an issue, at appx. 40+kg overweight it is no doubt a contributing factor to the stress on my Achilles.

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Per the Body Mass Index (BMI), I too am “overweight,” albeit “slightly,” at 205 lbs / 6′1″. My ideal weight is roughly 185-190 lbs.

    Almost 4 weeks post-op, I’ve decided I do want to return to my ATR high-risk sports (basketball, tennis, sprinting, lacrosse) after I recover.

    I’m sure my weight was one of many factors leading to the ATR, but not stretching/ warming up was surely a much bigger factor though (DOH!)

    Regardless, I plan to be 185 - 190 the next time I step on a court / field.

  2. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuffyou post.

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