7 Weeks NWB 2 to Go - Some Questions

September 16, 2009

Ok I’m 6 Weeks Post Op NWB.
I have been cheating and putting some balancing weight (ok… walking a few meters here and there without the crutches…) on the foot for the last couple of days since changing the foot angle to 0Deg (up from 15deg).

No pain while doing this at all but I do notice at the end of the day my foot has started to swell again.

Ok so I will stop and go totally NWB again for the last 2 weeks, but I do believe from reading the forum that this is not unusual and many people have swelling as a normal part of recover for months afterwards.

Now my main question is how to treat it.

I’ve been told by my brother in law who did the same thing a few months ago that ice was no help and I kinda got to agree from the point of view that:
a) ice is normally to stop bleeding, in my case there seems to be no bleeding or bruising.
b) blood flow promotes healing and swelling reduction and the Achilles has low blood flow, so ice would slow it down even more.

Alternatively should I bee putting heat on it ?

Otherwise apart from a bit of stretching pain for a couple of days after changing the angle of the boot (each 2 weeks) its been pretty painless, of course there’s the occasional pain when i roll over in bed and catch it (even in the boot) or occasionally catching it at other times. But otherwise good.