15deg Foot Angle Change…BACK TO REALITY

It’s 2 weeks since I donned the MaxTrax boot and for the 2 weeks before that I was in plaster after the op.

In plaster the foot was angled down somewhere at 30+ degrees flex for 2 weeks.

Into the Boot and it was set to 30deg for 2 weeks. Going into the boot was fairly painless and I didn’t have a lot of discomfort.
In fact since 1 Week post Op I can say it has been a fairly painless period.

Well last night I change the angle on the boot as per Dr instruction to 15deg flex.  Putting my foot back in was quite uncomfortable with this new level of tendon stretching and for the next 24 hours I have realised that there is a long way to go to recovery, and it will be a slowly but surely process.

I had been champing at the bit to get back onto the foot again and thought that I was well and truly on the way having been pain free for the past weeks.

Of course I should have expected with and additional 15deg stretch there would be some changes in my comfort, lets hope it only lasts a couple of days ;) then I can go back to my delusions of going for a jog after removing the boot in 4 weeks time.

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  1. Yes, a couple of days is about right, after that you’ll have a week or so of it feeling OK again before you go to neutral position and start again.
    Not sure about the jogging but you should be fine to go back to cricket…it’s all just standing around isn’t it? And how does indoor cricket work, what do you do without the seagulls to chase?

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