Acupuncture to reduce swelling

I tried some quackery on Tuesday to deal with the swelling in my foot and ankle and went to an acupuncturist.

I’m noticing a few days later a significant reduction in the swelling.
I’m at 3 weeks post op so not sure if things settle down then anyway, certainly from other posts I’ve read the swelling normally persists for a lot longer.

It’s by no means gone but I fell its at least a 25% reduction in 4 days.

Going back in the morning…6:45am appointment…these alternate health people keep healthy hours!!!!

I don’t know if swelling responds to the placebo / lay on hands effect but either way I’ll keep it up while I’m getting results.

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8 Responses to “Acupuncture to reduce swelling”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. My surgery was the beginning of June and I still have terrible swelling. I’m going to do some networking and see if I can’t come up with a name and will then make an appointment. Hey, it can’t hurt and it just may help~

  2. Acupuncture isn’t quackery as you can attest to the results yourself. Way better than sucking all that chemical medication. I used acupuncture to get rid of pain in my hands as a result of crutch misuse. As for swelling in addition to acupuncture you can try arnica, traumeel, etc. Those work quite well.

  3. I still get a swollen foot at seven weeks, at three weeks I was in pain as well. You might want to give your body time to heal a little. A lot of posts noticed a change at five or six weeks. Are you sure the alternative treatment is really a good Idea? I did notice an Improvement when I went from cast to boot, The consultants said it would. Perhaps you could mention this as a treatment for your swelling.

  4. Hay All,
    Thanks for the feedback, certainly didn’t want to create a stir with the word quackery…I’m a skeptical person and I guess that’s my feeling on a lot of alternate treatments. I certainly noticed a change in the swelling, but there are a lot of other things it could of been as mentioned by leech, but I cant rule out the possibility of the treatment helping and I certainly saw no potential harm.

    I do believe that a lot of people do feel better after these sort of therapies for a wide range of ailments, and that some of it is the lay on hands effect where people feel better through the fact they are getting attention. I certainly feel better for the experience, if not the treatment, though I am unsure at what point you can separate it.

    I wasn’t looking for a miracle cure to make me walk earlier, but thought I might be able to relive the swelling a little and feel a bit better I was doing something the didn’t contravene the no physical therapy or non weight bearing instructions I was given.

  5. Oh I want back for my follow up on Saturday.
    Same thing, some needles, some ion channeling and some spot heat stimulation.

    I haven’t noticed any further change from the swelling, I still felt good after the session but still no more convinced on the explanations for how the treatments might work. (Perhaps having and hours relaxation without the 4 kids running a muck at home is worth tit alone :) ). I had created some much more scientific (in my mind anyway) reasons than those provided to me for the process to provide relief.

    I’m back again in a weeks time and I keep an eye on it and look into the products mentioned by Robert.

  6. Acupuncture is not quackery, you arrogant twit. It works great on 4-Leggeds, and there being no “Dr. Doolittles” to convince them, then it obviously is valid. Not to mention, the Asians are hardly stupid as a group - NO people would waste 4,000 years convincing themselves that a modality works. Your provincialism is showing. :-b

  7. Two-eagle - perhaps you are new here but we do not talk to each other in this manner and particularly on a post that is 6 years old. Provincialism? Quite possible but more likely you do not understand Australian sense of humour which I see all through what was written. In that regard it would be you who have shown your provincialsim. It obviously struck a raw nerve with you and your comment would indicate some passion for these techinques. That is OK but we do not have to be rude.

  8. That comment is so rude that I wonder if it’s a bot.

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