Calf Size Benchmarks

Ok decided to see how much my calf has atrophied in 3 weeks since injury and just over 2 weeks post op.. Ive been totally NWB so far..and because that is also the plan for the next 6 weeks in the boot…I want to track the change.

Left (repaired Achilles) Calf: 52cm circ.  Right Calf: 53cm circ. (yes I know they are big Calves…)

Hrm doesn’t seem too different…but there’s still a lot of swelling in the foot, and probably in the calf too…doesn’t feel to bad though.

Ill check it every now and then and post the results.

Also bought some tubular support bandages to provide some compression and help the swelling and started wearing that today.

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  1. Hang in there - just wondering if your tubular support bandages are the same as the flight socks to stop DVT? Apart from reducing the swelling and the risk of blood clots are there any additional benefits? (I’m thinking that I will mention them to my surgeon at my next follow-up appointment.)

  2. That is not too bad.
    After the 2nd round of immobilization within 6 months with the re-rupture the difference is more miserable for me: 38 cm versus 34….

  3. Bubble, This is the bandage I am using.

    Its long enough to cover my foot and extent to the knee. cost me $12 AUD from the chemist (Aussie term for drug store) I purchased 3 to rotate them between day / evening.

    I am very confident it is helping with the swelling. I don’t think you can replace rest, elevation and ice though.

    I also find them quite good to put under the padding for my Maxtrax boot to keep the padding a little drier and therefore extend the time between having to wash them by a day or two.

    I didn’t ask the surgeon about the compression bandage as I’m not back for 5 weeks now, as they have said I can make my own boot angle adjustments (standard practice for this surgeon).

    I kinda think compression is a standard treatment for swelling and reducing chance of clots etc and there are many boots that have built in compression so am not concerned about checking with the doc on it.

    They cause no discomfort and in fact make it feel better when I have the boot off washing it or icing my foot.

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