I’ve joined the club

Well the guys said, come and fill in for our indoor cricket game tonight…Enough Said…

That was a Tuesday night, went to the hospital, told to get an ultrasound and come back the next day to confirm what I already knew..A complete Achilles rupture.

Came back next day and got a referral to a Surgeon, whom I met that afternoon and he asked me a few family history questions..ie blood clots, diabetes etc, then said I can fit you in on Monday…take it easy until then…4 mins later I was at the reception desk paying for the operation.

The operation wast 3 horizontal cuts, I assume that means a Precutaneous repair… and I woke up with a front half cast.

While I am not sure I would have changed anything having read the site, I perhaps would have asked some post op questions.  After reading some of the posts, the post op options given to me included the only following option, delivered in 30 seconds while i was on the table having the plaster removed.

Got the cast off today and and got put into a DJOrtho MaxTrax Walker boot.  I have been told I will be wearing this thing for 6 weeks…non weight bearing…every 2 weeks I change the angle of the foot, from 30deg to 15deg to 0deg and there will be no physio until this time. Only time I can take it off is for a shower.

Being non weight bearing for 8 weeks from Op seems conservative compared to the post op rehabs described here by many fellow ART club members.

I said my calf was twitching and was eager to be tensed and flexed…and I was told to try to avoid it.

After reading posts by Doug on muscle atrophy I may invest in a massager to help reduce the loss.


Advice for others…If your going to be on crutches for a while, pick up a pair of padded cycling gloves (without fingers) as it will save callouses and reduce the ammount of time you will need to put up with sore hands.

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  1. Great idea on the cycling gloves. I had them but never used them. I thought the caluses were cool until they started cracking after I got off the crutches. Just like heel cracks. Ironic huh?

  2. I hope it’s not too late for a massager to help, (if they really do help). In that rat experiment, the control rats were NWB for two weeks, and that’s how far you are postop now. The atrophy may well be pretty significant already. No harm in trying, though, I suppose.

    Good luck,


  3. Thanks Doug,
    Ill give it a go because I’m non weight bearing for another 6 weeks theirs plenty more potential for atrophy.

    The immobility seems pretty conservative from all the reports on this site, and other bloggers, and I’m working up the guts to question the surgeon. I saw him for a total of 30 seconds at the cast of visit.

    I’ve still got a fair amount of swelling in my foot and I want to ask him about physio treatment for the swelling to help improve healing, without foot movement…and I raise the early mobilization issue then.

    Spoke to my physio today and they said they wouldn’t want to do anything against surgeons orders.

    Chuck..lol my brother in law did the same thing 4 months ago and he’s well and truly of crutches, but still has numbness in the heel of his hand and callouses..and he’s a builder, I know with my keyboard soft hands it would be a mess for sure.

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