So, this gets harder…

PT session number was no joke.  Started on the recumbent bike which was a workout in itself.  I have only been out of the boot for a few days so I really haven’t worked out the calf in months.  On level zero, started cramping up at two minutes in.  After ten minutes of what felt like riding the tour de France we moved on to what the therapist called “the plate.”  A giant vibrating plate that is used to torture those who have trouble balancing without standing on a giant, tilting, vibrating plate.  A little stretching then some stim and ice and I was done.  I feel ok now, but I feel like I could be sore tomorrow.  But again, I walked out and had better ROM than when I went in.  Weekend off, absent home exercises of course then back at it on Monday. Have a good weekend all and to all the moms, happy mothers day.

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