PT: Day 1

So PT started today. It was my initial eval so not too much happened.  The therapist was glad to see my ROM was pretty good and she said what I thought was a lot of swelling, was really very light and reasonable.  The calf massage, no fun.  I had knots in that muscle that I though had gone by the wayside due to non-use.  After stretching and some more ROM exercises, ice.  I felt better leaving than I did walking in there.  The key is I walked in and out and any improvement is a (forgive the pun) step in the right direction.  So happy to get this thing moving.

2 Responses to “PT: Day 1”

  1. Love the pun! Did you do range of motion exercises before you went to PT? How do folks tell the difference between good pain and bad in PT? I’m so afraid of pushing recovery too fast and it’s hard to trust the PT with my tendon when it hurts. I’m glad to hear you felt better on the way out - thanks for sharing that!

  2. Kim, to answer your question, all I have been doing since I got out of my cast post op is ROM exercises. My surgeon did not have me using the calf at all. He wanted me to work on active dorsiflexion to stretch the tendon slowly. At my second post op, he wanted me at 90 degress, the most recent post op, he wanted me almost equivalent to the non-injured leg. To make sure the top part of my foot/ankle wasn’t ignored, I performed stretches passively so as not to ingage the calf. He didn’t want me pulling on that tendon too soon. As for pain, most people say listin to your body. My experience is if the pain makes you wince or twitch in response, that’s too much. There should be a difference between pain and soreness. Not sure that helps, but not really sure how else to explain it. Trust yourself to know your own limits. I am not sore today, so I know I didn’t push it too far which is a good thing at this point in recovery.

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