Well, I had my 8 week post op appointment today.  And just as the doc said at my last exam, I walked out in two shoes!  It has been two months since I put a shoe on my left foot and I have to tell you, it was strange.  I am much slower now than in the boot, but I am out of the boot.  I asked the doc how I should weane out of the boot and he basically told me to throw it away.  I am not used to a surgeon being so aggressive.  Not sure if it is my young age (30, no spring chicken but not old by any means) or if he is just that confident in his work. So far, after 6 hours with no boot, all is well.  I even got a script for PT and my initial eval is tomorrow.  Pumped to get the real healing going.  I know it will still be a long, tough road but I am now well on my way.  I’ll keep you posted on my PT progress.

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  1. Great news, the 2 shoe feeling is awesome and you will find you make good progress just by walking around in shoes. Good luck at PT.

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