So, this gets harder…

PT session number was no joke.  Started on the recumbent bike which was a workout in itself.  I have only been out of the boot for a few days so I really haven’t worked out the calf in months.  On level zero, started cramping up at two minutes in.  After ten minutes of what felt [...]

PT: Day 1

So PT started today. It was my initial eval so not too much happened.  The therapist was glad to see my ROM was pretty good and she said what I thought was a lot of swelling, was really very light and reasonable.  The calf massage, no fun.  I had knots in that muscle that I [...]


Well, I had my 8 week post op appointment today.  And just as the doc said at my last exam, I walked out in two shoes!  It has been two months since I put a shoe on my left foot and I have to tell you, it was strange.  I am much slower now than [...]