Second Post Op

Leading up to my second post op, which was 5 weeks post surgery, my job was to get my injured ankle to 90 degrees.  How I was casted, which was essentially 45-50 degrees, I had my work cut out for me.  My Achilles felt so tight, I didn’t see how I could reach that goal in only 3 weeks of work.  It was slow, but I was able to reach the goal. Don’t get me wrong, there was some soreness, but I did it.  All this time, unless I was stretching or bathing, I was to be in the boot.  Always in the boot.  Ambulating, with crutches of course, sleeping, blah blah blah.  The boot, the boot, the boot.  Good news, doc said I could try to put weight on the foot 2-3 days before my exam.  If I walked into the appointment, great, if not, all is well as long as my ROM was good.  I was feeling so good however, about a week before my exam, I started some partial weight bearing.  I used my injured leg as a light anchor while on the crutches. This allowed me to get used to placing pressure on the foot.  Every time for a while there, any pressure sent tingles through my foot.  In addition, the extra work caused some ongoing swelling. My nights consisted of stretching then keeping the foot elevated to get the swelling down.  As the week went on though, the tingles decreased and my fear of full weight bearing did as well.  Thursday before my Monday exam, I was able to ditch one crutch for a full day.  By Easter Sunday, no crutches.  How liberating!  So much easier to get around. Now mind you, it is much slower than on the crutches but I did not appear to be injured, until you saw the limp or the boot.  So, I walked into my second post op with pride.  Doc says I am right where I need to be.  I will see him in another 4 weeks.  During that time, stay in the boot (it’s now a part of me), work further on the ROM (by the next exam I should be able to bring my toes to my knee, equal to my uninjured leg).  Now, that seems like a feat in itself, but that’s not all.  Doc said, bring your other shoe with you to the next exam because you’ll be walking out of here…

2 Responses to “Second Post Op”

  1. How nice was that post made me smile from the moment you said you were able to ditch your crutches. It’s crazy how fast it can go from partial to full weight bearing…Thankful for you! Two shoes coming soon!!

  2. Sounds like great progress. The boot is indeed your friend, at least for a critical period. But getting to two shoes is the next major milestone, and it seems you’re well on time and target for it.

    All best!

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