First post op

Ok, I found this blog a little late so I am going backwards right now and posting what I readily remember of the process. I will catch up soon enough.  Leading up to my first post op was rough.  Due to the fact that I also tore my calf along with a rupture of my achilles, the pain was severe.  I was on a regular routine of two Percocet every 4 hours without fail.  I was even woken up on a few occasions with a spasm or a twitch that warranted a refil.  I did not like where this was going. Leading up to my first post op, I was able to wean down to one Percocet every 6 hours and this was a huge step.  As I recovered, the pain lessened which was a godsend.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be taken care of on occasion but where I was at with the meds made me almost an invalid and that helpless feeling was not something I wanted to continue.  So, we are now at my first post op.  first words out of the doctors mouth were that of pride.  He took a look at the incision site, had a big smile and said we are on our way.  Cast was removed, I was placed in my boot.  No weight bearing for three weeks.  Being so bored at home, I was even able to get the doc to release me to work from home. Very soon, but I needed it. So then began my ROM progression. I was instructed to get to 90 degrees by the next time I saw the doc.  It was a slow process, but I made it.  Like the doc said, we are on our way!

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  1. So nice to see that first bit of progress and then every bit after…I also hate to feel like I was an invalid, crazy injury it takes the active and reduces us to the exact opposite! I too love the feeling of getting my life back with each step in the process…Welcome to the site and yep on your way! :)

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