Double Mint Foot

Hello all fellow rupturees!
This is my 2ND time rupturing an Achilles Tendon. Thankfully?? Its a different foot. hah…unbelievable!! So the other one that I ruptured two years ago playing basketball. The first time I thought someone’s knee was behind me and I swung my foot back and hit the knee cap with the back of my foot. Now rupturing my other one I don’t know if that was the case. This time around no one was really around me…jump shot…came down and leaned forward and it snapped like a twig!! So I’m beginning to wonder if I’m really Irish or not. The luck of the Irish was not with me :P I’m 8 weeks out from surgery just beginning to get my life back to normal. I just started walking out of the boot and am really thankful for regular shoes. I hope no one out there ever has to do in both feet, bilateral is not fun at all!! I think its time to hang up the basketball shoes..although my doctor says otherwise. He said ya can’t give up your life. I just don’t think mentally I can ever do it again, I’d probably play like a little girl.

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