Health Care Woes

I was just reading a few blogs and have determined that it was unusual to let 2 weeks elapse before having surgery.  Trust me it wasn’t my idea at all but I could not get in to see a specialist because I had not been referred by my primary care giver…I had not been injured in forever and I am rarely sick so I don’t have a primary care giver…Anyways, long story short, I ended up having surgery 5 hours away from my home because everyone was booked up or refused to see me unless I went through their ER. I could have been 2 weeks closer to recovery…

First Post

Well I am 3 weeks post surgery and my patience has definitely been tested. I broke my ankle and heel along with the achilles rupture which they say is not an easy thing to do but I like to raise the bar…I was a triple jumper in college and no doubt my left leg has endured significant trauma over the years. I am 5′7″ 200 lbs, not exactly the ideal build for traveling 50 feet through the air but I guess it all caught up with me in the end. Jumping is kinda my thing, always bouncing around and doing things that others seem impossible (or not worth trying). I guess the mental part of this injury has me worried more than the physical damage. I hope I can be as athletic as I was.


3rd Day Rear View June 23 2009

3 Days after injury

3 days after injury

3 days after injury

2 Weeks Post Op

2 Weeks after surgery - between casts

How it Happened - Video

This is the lovely video my father took that shows me almost making it across the creek. I fractured my heel, my ankle and ruptured my Achilles tendon. I had surgery July 3rd to repair the tendon and to put 2 screws in my talus.