A year ago today (or was it yesterday?)!

Today (by date) is the one year anniversary of my ATR, but yesterday (by day of the week) was too.  I tore my achilles playing basketball at Sunday night open gym so I thought it was fitting that I go back and play again so that is exactly what I did.  In fact I even got into a game where the exact same guy was guarding me on the same court, playing the same directions (offensively/defensively).  I haven’t been playing much, actually almost not at all, so it was fun to be back on the court.  Last year I had been playing quite a bit and was getting ready to play in an alumni tournament.  Obviously I didn’t get to play in the tournament so I am looing forward to it this year (it is in 2 weeks) it is just unfortanate that I am not in “game” shape yet.  After the tournament, the next thing on my list to prepare for some races.  I’d like get into good enough shape to race unattached at some indoor meets at area colleges and then transition into a half-marathon or marathon.  For those of your just getting started on your road to recovery set goals and stay determined; don’t settle for anything less than a 100% recovery.

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  1. Hi Josh,

    I enjoyed reading about your progress. I am 2 days post op and dread the ‘watch grass grow” idea. I was a masters track guy and life revolved around my running so this is a pretty hard adjustment. But, reading about your experiences gives me hope. I’m thinking that if you can be chasing fly balls in the outfield and run a half marathon then I should be okay, too.


  2. Fidel Banuelos,
    You can be back on the track sooner than you think. From FWB to full ROM to gaining back calf strength (which I feel is the most important to recovery because the others simply come over time), if you focus on these the time will go by fast and you will be back running in no time. My first run was .05 miles, then .10 miles and so on. Before I knew it I was running a mile, then 2, 3 and more. Good luck with your recovery!

  3. Thanks for the reply. I can already feel my calf getting smaller, though…:-(

    But, as you mentioned, I’ll be back to running in no time. I just wish I could fast forward to 2 months from now…

    Thanks again!

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