Summer Highlights

It has been so long since I have posted and that makes me think about everything that has happened since my last post.  My achilles feels great and I have never had any major pains associated with it.  My biggest struggle continues to be calf strength. 

I was able to play the entire softball season without any achilles trouble and even managed to hit a home run.  I even had enough speed (something I haven’t worked on much) to get around the bases for a couple of inside-the-park home runs too.  I was asked to sub on a beach volleyball team one night and that went well too.  My skills weren’t sharp, but I found the sand to be quite forgiving on my achilles.  Lately I have started to play a little more tennis and I think I will take to the basketball courts soon.  I have an opportunity to play in an alumni basketball tournament around Thanksgiving so I better starting easing into it soon.  This would been around the time I suffered by ATR last year.  I continue to run, although I missed much of July do to illness and a back problem caused by doing some construction work.  My goal is to be in good enough shape to race a half-marathon in early October.  It sure feels good to be doing all of the activities I missed out on since my ATR.

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  1. Nice work, Josher!

    Beach volleyball is WAY “AT-friendlier” than court v-ball — or basketball! You should be fine, keep having fun. Your biggest AT threat is already the OTHER one! If you do happen to pop it, like some of us, check out the latest studies and protocols at the time before making any snap decisions!

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