I played in my first softball game this week.  I was pretty nervous not having played in a sport such as this since my injury.  It went well though, other than misjudging a fly ball in the outfield.  I am not the fastest guy on the base pads, but it was still fun running them.  I wore a calf sleeve again because I seem to easily strain my calf muscle and it definitely helps.  I would suggest one to anyone struggle with calf strains.

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  1. Yay! That’s a huge step towards “normal”!

  2. Norm I am starting to feel normal. I played a little tennis yesterday too. I have tried any court sports until then except for shooting a basketball.

  3. Hi Josher: I’m a tennis ATR guy so looking for tips on the return. How was it? what level did you play before and what adjustments did you have to make? thx

  4. Gunner,
    I actually tore my ATR playing basketball and had not been playing tennis much prior so I can’t say that I was at a high level. My tennis game pretty much consisted of me out hustling my opponent because I am decent at volleying but a poor server. I am hoping to play more this summer though. As far as how it went, I was really happy with the level I was able to play at. There were some balls that I couldn’t get to that I normally could have and my footwork wasn’t always there, but I was able to cover the court enough to be competitive. I didn’t think about my achilles that much, however I was a little slow when it came to starting and stopping. So really my only adjustment came in anticipation. Because I am not as explosive making cuts on the court I had to do a better job placing my shots and then reading my opponent to prepare myself for the return. In the long run I think it will make me a better player.

  5. You are becoming a Zen tennis player, Grasshopper!

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