Goal Accomplished!

I had originally set a recovery goal to run a half-marathon in September, but I decided to try one in May instead.  Yesterday, 6 months and 2 days since my surgery, I was able to meet my goal.  I ran a half-marathon and finished it in 1:46:10 (8:07/ mile) and 592nd place out of 5365 runners.  I wasn’t sure how the run would go because I had mildly strained the calf muscle on my repaired leg the week before and also gotten sick during the week leading up to the race, but I’ll take it.  My calf felt pretty good by race day and I ended up wearing a compression sleeve on it which appeared to help.  I think I will continue to wear the sleeve for higher intensity activities and workouts.  Now I have to decide on a new goal.  Any thoughts on a goal?

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  1. Congrats!
    As far as a new goal, how about coming out to Colorado and climbing one of our 14ers (peaks 14,000 ft or higher). Depending on how you count them, we’ve got 53-58 of them. I’m planning to hike Long’s Peak on the 1 yr anniv of my surgery.

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