2 weeks left and some random thoughts

There are only two weeks left until I attempt a half-marathon, my initial recovery goal.  I actually set the half-marathon date for a race in September, but I got a little ambitious and chose May instead.   So with only 14 days remaining I have a little work left to do.  Adding strength in my calve muscle on the injured leg is my biggest challenge.  I continue to make improvements, but if feels like I’m watching grass grow at times. 

I felt my first my pain (well, the first in a long time)  in my achilles yesterday while I was shooting jump shots during my lunch break at work.  It was breif and lingered throughout the remainder of the day.  Today I felf fine so I went for my longest run to date.  I managed to complete 11 miles and it went as well as expected.  I am starting to get into at least some sort of shape, but my struggle is getting my calve muscle to make the distance.  The faster pace I try to run the sooner calve muscle fatigues. 

Has anyone tried a compression sleeve for their calve muscle? 

I have also quit attempting single leg calve raises since I can only do 2-3.  I felt that it was doing more good than bad because I was just stressing the muscle trying to do something it couldn’t really do.  I have still been able to gain strength at the same rate and I have experienced less soreness.  I will resume them when I can do a substantial amount.

In my opinion the biggest obstacle in recovering from an ATR is trying to find the fine line between overdoing it and exercising/strengthening my injured leg to the fullest.

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  1. Sounds ambitious, alright! I agree with your analysis. too. I won’t repeat my cautionary tale from 8 yrs ago — it’s already plastered all over this website!! — but it happened when i could do about as many 2-leg heel raises as you can do now.

    I’m a big fan of “aggressive” and not “conservative”, but do remember that there’s no shame in NOT finishing a half-marathon at 26 weeks!

    (Me, I was thinking of going to late-night drop-in indoor beach volleyball tonight, at 21 weeks! But it would have been “one step at a time” — and besides, I’ve never torn an AT playing BEACH volleyball!!)

  2. Go Josh Go!

    I agree with you that the fine line between stressing/overstressing is very important, and recovery does not depend on calf raises, but on using the calf muscles to rebuild strength. At 15 weeks been playing softball (outfield) and doubles tennis for weeks. My major PT - walking the beach 1+ miles a day from 3 weeks postop.

  3. Beach volleyball, tennis, and softball! I can’t wait to start playing with my softball team soon. I think I will sit out the first game because it is 2 days before the race, but I’ll probably play the following week.

    Norm, I have read about your story from your 1st ATR. It has been a good reminder when I am thinking of pushing it too hard.

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