I played in my first softball game this week.  I was pretty nervous not having played in a sport such as this since my injury.  It went well though, other than misjudging a fly ball in the outfield.  I am not the fastest guy on the base pads, but it was still fun running them.  [...]

Goal Accomplished!

I had originally set a recovery goal to run a half-marathon in September, but I decided to try one in May instead.  Yesterday, 6 months and 2 days since my surgery, I was able to meet my goal.  I ran a half-marathon and finished it in 1:46:10 (8:07/ mile) and 592nd place out of 5365 runners.  [...]

2 weeks left and some random thoughts

There are only two weeks left until I attempt a half-marathon, my initial recovery goal.  I actually set the half-marathon date for a race in September, but I got a little ambitious and chose May instead.   So with only 14 days remaining I have a little work left to do.  Adding strength in my calve [...]