17 weeks and counting

I hit the 17 week mark yesterday and  thought I would post a quick update.  I did a follow up with my PT last week to monitor my progress and he gave me some new exercises (light plyometrics) such as the dot drill and jumping in a line.  I still can’t do a single leg (right leg) calf raise so I am left leg dominate with these exercises right now, but it is improving.  I alternate days with running or elliptical.  I ran outside for the 1st time last weekend and I am now able to do a 5 mileon the treadmill.  Any suggestions on how to gain back calf strength would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Welcome to the weak-calf club, Josher! You might want to commiserate at the post “This damn single leg calf raise!!! by placervillemadman”!

    At 14 weeks, I’m finally taking some fast long strides without any “limp-dip”, when I concentrate and work at it. Still not very close to 1-leg calf raises, though.

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